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First, I'd like to apologize for the shutdown due to a person's comments regarding veterans as felons and liars. 
I am a man of principles, I did this not to hold this site "hostage". I did it to make a statement due to my principles.
All Veterans who served, no matter how, should not have been called these names, and I personally thought they deserved better and an apology, not to an individual but to the group.

I was never hoping for an outcry or protest from anyone, I only suggested contacting the individual (Rufus), due to the request of hundreds of emails from people to find out why he did what he did.   However, the person refuses to make a simple humanitarian effort, who knows why.

I left the forum due to the hate, bias, lies, and overall derision for anyone that doesn't "agree" with what "their" side says.

I've decided to re-open Donner to not have others who enjoy this site suffer due to my principles.But now all access will be password protected until the hopeful apology arises. If that does happen, then Donner acccess will be free again (except the donor area)You may request a user name and password by emailing me for access to the general site.Donors will always have full access to the donor folder and to Donner in general.There will be a free preview area.   Some links will not work until I finish the upgrading, so please keep checking back.
I have always offered free webspace to anyone who wants to have it (as long as it's on topic). That will also continue

This has always been a depository of video (movies, etc.) as well as new shoots and contributed video and will always be. If you're looking for that scene from a movie, it's probably here.

  I would also like to address accusations which have surfaced on DGF which are in no way true by RoseRedReady. I received this list from a Donor which was taken from a thread on DGF called "been trying".

A) Rufus didn't say the things Colt accused him of.
B) Colt is a crybaby
C) Perro has offered Dodge free space to host
D) Colt expected the forum to support him in droves, and most didn't care because See B.
E) Colt's own work was essentially taking clips from pornos, splicing them together and then showing one of Dodge's pictures at the end.
F) Colt then claimed that he'd filmed the entire thing and was looking for models for his next film. (We just needed to send him money so he could pay her)
G) Pretty much anyone who behaves like Colt did (General Grant, Bullit, you) is assumed to be Colt using another account and crying for attention

A) The individual in question did indeed call certain veterans felons and liars. The post in on the DGF was written in the individuals name.

B) Been called a crybaby. If standing up for what's right or wrong is a crybaby, then I guess that's what I am.

C) Dodge has always had free space on Donner due to his talent and friendship.   Perro only offered to keep the Dodge Monthly up, AND only in his Council Area.

D) Never expected anyone to support what I did, again, I did it on my own and never expected support, nor asked for it.

E) I have NEVER plagerized Dodge's works (just ask him). I dare her (or him) to either prove it or apologize for her (his) lies.

F) Been accussed of not doing shoots. Feel free to contact ANY of the models I've used and they'll tell you the truth, not the lies that this person called "Rose" has put forth.  The average rate was $150 per hour with an average time of 3 to 4 hours.  I only asked for extra money to help with the expenses.   There are original videos in the Donor section and also in the Council Area on DGF which I GAVE to him to help.  You can contact Brenda at or Kristynadark at

G) As much as I miss the DGF forum, I have had no contact with it since I left it. Instead, now there are people who accuse the innocent of me "pretending" to be them simply because they have a similar opinion on topics.
That is also VERY wrong and a lie.

If anyone would like more information, feel free to contact me




Passwords are required now for General access.  A request will have to be made for general access by Email at:
Donors have full access using their user name and password.

Forum is up and running.
Have added Info on Upcoming shoot
Feel free to register and use.  
Feedback in relation to problems you may have is requested.

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Sorry for the down time, But site was hacked by a DGF member who didn't like freedom of expression.  
I have the offenders IP and address, next time they'll be charges.

Have also initiated IP tracking capable of "backtracking" all IP's that attempt hacking.

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